original watercolor of kale, tomatoes, onions, pen and ink bottle.

The Kale Chronicles. 8″x8″ watercolor pencil and gouache by Sharyn Dimmick

For permissions, information about pricing or other issues, please contact me below by leaving a message in the Comments section or via email: sharyndimmick@att.net. Because I am an artist, I create things. Because I need money like everyone else I am delighted to sell my work.Wonder how much a particular painting costs? Ask me and then you’ll know. And if you want something different than an original painting or two, we’ll talk if you leave me your contact information in the Comments field below (where the cartoon bubble graphic is).  Please do not reproduce any of my words or images without express written permission from me. Thanks for visiting “The Kale Chronicles.”

For information on upcoming writing practice classes or workshops on Zoom, please email me at sharyndimmick@att.net or leave me your contact information in the Comments field below. I teach writing practice as developed by Natalie Goldberg and set out in Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind. I have studied intensively with Natalie for the past twenty-two years and I teach with her full permission and encouragement. In July 2021 Natalie gave me a dharma name to signify that I teach in her lineage.