Original watercolor painting

The Horror Roll. 6" x 6" watercolor pencil on paper. Sharyn Dimmick

I got the idea for creating this page the day before Hallowe’en when thinking about foods that scare me (See the full post on Scary Foods). The Horror Roll is for “foods” far removed from the real foods that inspired them Readers are  encouraged to submit candidates for the Horror Roll in the Comments section either here or in the Scary Foods. Nominate whatever you want, including my beloved Crisco shortening, Cheez-Its and Golden Grahams. I reserve the right to control what actually makes it onto the list. Please remember to reserve your spleen for the products themselves and not the people who nominate them.

I’ll start

1)  Hostess Twinkies

2)  American cheese

3)  Wonder bread

4)  Strawberry milk (sorry, Kevin)

5)  Hot Cheetohs

New Development: An asterisk indicates a product nominated more than once!

6)  Spaghetti- O’s* (Lorna Penland and Jane Robinson of Art Epicurean)

7)  Rice-A-Roni (Lorna Penland)

8)  Spam (Jane Robinson)

9)  Jello with marshmallows (Granny)

10) Energy drinks (Ditto)

11) Hamburger Helper (Elaine Belkind)

12) Peanut-butter crackers with orange crusts

13) Canned fruit cocktail (Elaine Belkind)

14) Fruit-flavored commercial yogurt (Debra at Three Well Beings, who pointed out that these feature high fructose corn syrup and aspartame)

15) Pop-Tarts (Tonya)

16) MSG aka monosodium glutamate (Karin)

17) Hot dogs (Linda Della Donna)

18) Country-style gravy (Elaine Belkind)

19) Potted Meat (Barb Welch)